Defining The Behavior Of A Brand

Updated: Jun 7, 2019

The elements that we can control to build a relevant brand personality.

By Ismael Guzman

Founder in Brand Direction, a brands strategy and design company. Publish articles and conferences about Branding in Latin America

Managing a brand is a complex task. Among many other activities, it implies controlling the way in which the Organization must express itself in an infinite number of products and services, adapting to the requirements of each situation but respecting the guidelines defined by the Brand Strategy.

As users, we can trace the profile of a brand through its multiple points of contact and the various experiences we have over time. As users, we mentally link these interactions and all of this is impregnated with the brand shaping the Image that we generate from it.

On the other hand, as Managers of a brand we can say that the Profile is constituted by several factors, but within those that we can control as Branders the main areas would be: Your Strategy: Defined from a central Idea, a purpose and value proposition, complemented by a series of features, attributes and benefits determined by the organization. Your visual and verbal identity: The way in which this brand is visualized and expressed through symbols, resources and elements that identify the brand and give it a specific character, a style of its own that will impregnate itself in its applications. Finally, its Activation, those actions that the organization develops to communicate with its users and that could be divided into four large groups: Communication, Environments, Products and Services, the vectors of tangibility that Wallie Ollins listed.

The interaction of these sets with coherence, consistency and cohesion are what largely build the Brand Image, therefore the profile and personality that we assign to each company as users. These are also the parameters that as brand managers we can manage and control to direct the brand towards the desired place.

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