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Rocío Restaino: Have a point of view and express it.

Rocío is head of Brand Strategy at Interbrand for the Southern Cone.

Who is Rocio Restaino?

Someone who believes that brands have the power to change the world. Maybe this sounds a little overstated, that's true, but it reflects the way Rocío lives her profession, with absolute passion, enthusiasm and innovative spirit. A graduate in Communication Sciences with postgraduate studies in Social Anthropology, her vision is that brands are cultural devices capable of carrying very powerful messages to people's hearts. Because of their enormous power to influence people's lives, she is convinced that brands and those who work for them have the great responsibility of taking care of the messages that directly or indirectly are sent from the inside of brands to the outside world. Brands can help build a more equitable, more empathetic, more inclusive world if they take on the task of leaving behind old stereotyped patterns and resources. During the last few years, Rocío has specialized in building brands with a gender perspective. Based on that premise, she has developed an ambitious project within Interbrand called Brandaid, which began as a research study conducted on CEOs of 11 companies to identify gender perspective levels in their work teams, was followed by the design of methodologies offered by Interbrand to facilitate the transformation of brands in pursuit of equality, and eventually became an advertising award, aimed at recognizing the efforts of the brand that best deconstructed gender stereotypes in the last year. The innovative aspect of the Brandaid award is that instead of recognizing an advertising campaign, or a particular work, it recognizes the efforts of communicating gender mainstreaming, sustained over time.

How can women create inspiration through brand management?

I' d say that the ways to create inspiration through brand management are many and diverse and that they do not necessarily have to do with the manager's gender identity but rather with their ability to identify significant insights in their audiences and find distinct and credible ways for their brand to genuinely connect with people's needs. To achieve this, the recipe I like the most is to go back to the basics, get out of the office, turn off the computer or the device we work on, and walk down the street, observe the target, walk through the places where the brand lives, understand first-hand the role of your brand in real life, what it can do to ease people's worries, what motivates people who buy from you. It is an almost anthropological approach to work, which in times of big data restores the value of thick data, that dense, detailed, meticulous and raw information. There, in that deep search is where I like to find a way to create inspiration through brands.

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