This rainbow drawing will change the way you create content forever.

A regular Picasso, my go-to drawings were usually of houses, flowers, and my family. One drawing I loved to doodle on every surface was a rainbow. You’ve seen this same drawing from other 8-year-olds, I’m sure: A cloud, a pot of gold, and a rainbow connecting the two.

By Courtney Johnston

Founder and Chief Copywriter at The Rule Breaker’s Club. She teaches women entrepreneurs how to write amazing sales pages and even performs “Sales Page CPR” to bring life to stale copy. In her free course, The Rainbow of Sales, you can learn her uniquely fun approach to selling.

Twenty years later, this child-like drawing of a rainbow is now a signature part of my business. It’s become a go-to metaphor for teaching everything from sales to customer service and of course, content creation.

Anyone who’s ever attempted to maintain a blog can attest that it’s challenging to pump out content on a consistent basis. I used to worry that one day I’d wake up and have nothing else to say. “Sorry guys!”, I’d have to tell my clients, “I’ve used all of my ideas. There’s nothing left for you”. Having nothing new to say was a recurring nightmare for me.

As a copywriter with a hot pink website, the entrepreneurs I work with often ask me how I manage to write all day every day and never run out of things to say that are “exactly what they need to hear”. This year, for example, I will publish more than 50 blogs, write hundreds of email campaigns, re-write several web pages (including my own website), and co-write dozens of long- form sales pages with clients.

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