The new role of branding is to make customer happy and successful

What you will find in this issue?

Brands that are prepared to evolve and adapt will withstand all types of disruptions. With a total experience brand strategy, companies will develop an innate elasticity that will guide them, prepare for unforeseeable changes and help them adapt better to the coming year. 

We thought it was important to research this fascinating topic of brand evolution in an ever-changing world, so we put together a world-class group of branders including the great 'Marty Neumeier' to discuss, get their insights and shared their knowledge and perspective of what the future holds, helping brands and professionals to learn how to create strategies that withstand pitfalls and challenges and how to become better branders in this new landscape.

Latest Issue

Issue #20: February 2021

Articles you will find...

  • Brands win by being more creative

  • The branding time tunnel

  • Launching a brand without shaking hands

  • Marty Neumeier: The new role of branding

  • Telling your story in the cancel culture era

  • The challenge of creating universal COVID-19 signage

  • Change and context

  • The new standard of branding

Branders on this issue

Marty Neumeier

Director of CEO Branding at Liquid Agency. Co-founder and Partner at Level-C

Nat Mark

Partner and Creative Director at MW Cultural Branding, a design agency specialized in projects for the culture, architecture and arts sectors.

Steven Picanza

Co-Founder and Chief Strategist Officer at Latin & Code. Head of Branding and International Instructor & Speaker.

Andy Starr

Managing Partner and Co-Founder at Level-C. Brand strategist and Storyteller.

Keeva Straton

Director of Quip Brands, a strategic branding agency that uses storytelling, creativity and cultural knowledge.

Terri Goldstein

Founder & CEO at The Goldstein Group. Design Expert, Keynote Speaker, Author, Educator.

Alex Colley

Founder and Creative Director of ikon, a Boutique Branding & Creative Agency in London helping brands engage affluent audiences. 

Duncan Wardle

 Former Head of Innovation and Creativity of Disney. Founder of iD8 & innov8, a creative consulting firm.

Paul Bailey

Strategy Director at Halo – a brand-first agency in the UK. 20+ years of professional experience in brand diagnosis, strategy, realization.

Katie Conway

Senior Strategy Director at Siegel+Gale, the global brand experience firm. 

Jen Glantz

Cristián Saracco

Jeremy Miller

Headline-Making CEO, Virtual Educator + Coach, 3x Author, Podcast Host, Professional Speaker

Founding Partner Allegro 234 | CMO zenziya | President aebrand | Member Medinge Group

Founder of Sticky Branding. Brand Strategist. Keynote speaker, and bestselling author of Sticky Branding.



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