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a  woman with a passion and a purpose to help people lead healthier lives without compromising on enjoyment.

What you will find in this issue?

This issue was developed to empowering women to achieve their full strategic potential by inspiring women to become advocates, change-makers and leaders in the branding industry. We had the privilege of interviewing some powerful women in branding who shared their experiences during their professional journey.

Latest Issue

Issue #15: November 2019

Articles you will find...

  • Top brands founded by powerful women

  • The power of women in business (Infographic)

  • A feel-good trip to the recycle mall?

  • Branding for the future

  • Reflections of branding in a B2B world

  • Listen up!  Sonic branding is a sound business

  • Kara Goldin Interview: Empowering women in branding

  • Amanda Jackson: Inspiring women in brand design

  • Debbie MIllman: And nevertheless, she persisted.

  • Rocío Restaino: To have a point of view and express it.

Branders on this issue

Alina Wheeler

Author of Designing Brand Identity: an essential guide for the whole branding team, now in its fifth edition.

Kara Goldin

Founder and CEO of hint water, a delicious, unsweetened flavored water.

Astrid Manden-Benneker

Branding strategist with a conscience. Looking for the right balance between people, planet and profit. 

Amanda Jackson

Founder of Jackdaw Design, an independent creative agency in London. 

Stephanie Helou

Design and innovation strategist. Engagement Lead at Fjord.

Terri Goldstein

Founder & CEO at The Goldstein Group. Design Expert, Keynote Speaker, Author, Educator.

Roío Restaino

Head of Brand Strategy at Interbrand for the Southern Cone. she specializes in helping brands create gender-sensitive communication.

Debbie MIllman

Designer, Author, Illustrator, Educator, Brand Consultant, Host of the award-winning podcast 'Design Matters'

Erika Uffindell

Founder Uffindell Group & Member of Medinge Group. She is also a Director of The Global Centre for Conscious Leadership.

Audrey Arbeeny

Founder/CEO of Audiobrain, a global leader in sonic branding. Music Supervisor for nine NBC Olympic Broadcasts and earned two Emmy awards. 



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