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What you will find in this issue?

Are you ready to start your own brand? Being an entrepreneur is not easy. You will need time, experience and love.

This issue is important for every person is looking to be an entrepreneur. You will learn from global branders about how important is branding for entrepreneurs.

This is a very special edition of Branders Magazine that we’ve created specifically to help entrepreneurs understand branding and how important is to have a good brand strategy to start a business.

Branders on this issue

Sue Kirchner

President of Brand Strong Marketing, Inc. Branding, Content, and Social Media Marketing Personal Trainer.

Carlos Puig

CEO of Braward. He is a well-established professional in creation of business value through brands.

Marcelo Ghio

Branding and Strategic Communication Management Adviser. Director of OXB Branding (Madrid / Buenos Aires). 

Vanessa Delclós

Brand Management Specialist. Journalist and “Club de Marketing Málaga” Board. 

Jarratt Insted

CTO of HelpDocs, a company focused on helping companies improve their self-serve support.

Gaurav Pandey

Founder of Gaurav Pandey Media Company in India, and a go to go-to-person for journalists covering Indian digital industry. 

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