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Reflections of Branding in a B2B World

When I was asked to share my experiences as a woman in branding, I wasn't sure whether I could usefully contribute to this debate.

I wasn’t clear whether the experiences of women in branding is that different from those of men – and I also recognize that my own experience as a woman in branding, brings a limited perspective.

As a founder and CEO of a brand consultancy I haven’t had to report into people, nor climbed the ‘corporate ladder’ or had to experience applying for a role in a male-dominated industry. I have been in a privileged position to both direct the vision and strategy of my own business, and also to have a voice as an outside, objective and experienced consultant on clients’ projects. I recognize this is not the experience that all women have in branding – nor as I have reflected, is it the experience I have witnessed for many of those women Brand Directors I have worked with. Whilst brand has increasingly become a board room conversation over the last 20 years, it seems Brand Directors still struggle to strongly influence strategy and transformation.

One of the things that have struck me - is that out of all those truly inspirational, strategic and forward-thinking Brand Directors that I have worked with (in over 30 years of my career) – not one of them has had a seat on an Executive board - whether male or female.



Founder Uffindell Group & Member of Medinge Group. She is also a Director of The Global Centre for Conscious Leadership, a Partner in Pinea3 Living Organizations, a member of Medinge, Brands with a Conscience and a founding member of Conscious Capitalism UK.

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