100% Emotional Packaging: How a box can be seen as a sentimental heritage

Nowadays we all see Sports as something integrated into our daily life, resulting in a relationship of proximity with this market, allowing us to understand better its specificity.

Luis Costinha, Founder of Going Through Change. Costinha is a brand designer focused on Sports. Specialized in designing Identities and planning personalized and effective Brand Strategies truly based on a concept and strategy.

As consumers, we are also more visually skilled due to the amount and diversity of visual information that we’re getting every day on social media. It is true that among the information we’re getting not everything is valid, but without realizing our visual sieve gets more refined.

Sports Packaging requires a distinct approach once we the need to project energy and vitality (inherent in Sports), ensure to be extremely functional and able to differentiate itself from the competition within the sector mainly through color. There is however a segment within the Sports Industry where there is no competition and where the relationships established between brands and customers are 100% based on loyalty and exclusivity. A segment that has a unique particularity, where those who “produce” the product are simultaneously the ones who consume it: we’re talking about Football and its fans.

In fact, all packaging has the capacity to activate some sensation, be it good or bad, or even...

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