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Guilt-free and fancy, a strategy for all. Marketing for impulses will help scale sustainable living!

Updated: Jul 31, 2019

We campaign hope over fear to scale for positive impact. Instead of flygskam we’re making train travelers train-proud

In our daily work, we put people at the heart of innovation in order to create profit to be proud of; it is our belief that change for good always starts with people. Now that we urgently need to scale new consumption patterns, messaging also needs to change. Why? Most of the time, purchasing decisions are not based on rational, logical thinking3. Professionals in branding, marketing and communications turned this to their advantage perfectly. They trigger people’s System 1 thinking to make us want to pick up six five-dollar t-shirts every year4 and long for the ultimate driving pleasure of an 8-cylinder luxury family car. It’s why we love to invite friends for a BBQ with hamburgers topped to-the-max to impress them, or why we serve up designer vegetables and throw away the ugly veggies to show style. And why we stock up on shampoo, day creams and make-up – because we believe we’re worth it.

The hardest thing to do

Making a more conscientious choice is a hard thing to do for people but is very much what is needed to promote future living conditions. Although young people are taking the lead5 through Greta Thunberg and “Fridays for Future” to shift towards a broad-based recognition of the pressing issues facing our planet, other target groups need a different nudge to change their behaviour. It means rethinking the real...

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Sandra Horlings

Sandra is a brand & business strategist at Innoboost. Horlings helps teams innovate to create profit to be proud of.

Arthur Laumann

Arthur is an Amsterdam based communications & branding advisor who naturally embeds sustainability in his work for global profit & non profit brands, like he did for IKEA, Greenpeace and Vodafone.

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