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Interview with Antonio Roberto, Branding and innovation consultant at Managic

Antonio Roberto is CBO of Managic Office, a Brazilian consulting firm that has been conducting brand projects for more than 30 years. Managic uses Agile Branding, a proprietary methodology that combines integral thinking and human-centered design to create and revitalize brands.

Who is Antonio Roberto?

Hi am Antonio Roberto and I am passionate for branding and innovation.

I opened my consulting firm in 1988 and started my academic life in 1990. Since then I have been following my personal Purpose that is to transform people's lives through my work as a consultant and as a teacher.

I also coordinate the first Branding post graduation course in Brazil, the NEW BRAND INNOVATION MBA, at Faculdades Rio Branco in São Paulo, which has been the market leader since 2002.

In addition to my role as teacher and consultant, I am a facilitator of workshops and sprints sections in the areas of branding, innovation and education.

What is Branding for Antonio?

I am convinced that Branding is a business management model that elevates the brand as the main asset of a company.

The role of branding is to ensure that all touchpoints of the brand with its strategic publics carry the essence of the company and that it has the role of guiding all the strategic decisions of a company.

Why Branding Matters?

Branding matters because only with a brand-driven management model that organizational culture is built in a solid and inspiring way and thus disseminated to all members of the company.

Each member of the company, brand marketing and expression actions should be oriented to build long-term relationships with their internal and external customers, therefore, increase the perceived value of these audiences in relation to the brand and consequently improve the yields.

But for a brand to have longevity, it is important that its management be flexible and adaptable, because only then they are able to adapt to the constant changes caused by the acceleration of the volume of information generated today and by the new demands, paradigms of this era of Artificial intelligence.

Nowadays, in your opinion, what are the main obstacles to create a successfully Branding strategy?

The obstacles to creating a successful brand strategy in this new era are almost 100% tied to the company culture. In the vast majority of the branding projects I have coordinated over the last few years, the major problem that affects the Brand implementation is the inflexible and authoritarian culture of most corporate managers. These managers who can not get out of the comfort zone are the main obstacles to the success of branding strategies.

How do you know when a branding strategy isn’t working?

I know when a branding strategy is not working when I realize there is a lot of turnover of its employees and when I feel that there is no engagement and sense of ownership of their employees with the brand.

Never will a brand win the heart of its customers if it does not win the hearts of its employees.

Antonio Roberto Recommend:

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  • A place: Hasso Platner - Berlin

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