Is your personal brand for good?

Could people really brand themselves as businesses do?

When I wrote the book Managing Brand Me (Pearson, London) a few years ago, personal branding was regarded with slight suspicion. At the same time, it was a huge thrill about it. Could people really brand themselves as businesses do?

Today it’s the opposite; people want to become like businesses and businesses like people. People have a personality and emotions and can build relationships; which businesses want to have when building relationships with their customers. People, on the other hand, want to build themselves as businesses, who have a structured way of capitalizing on their brands.

Today it’s in almost everyone’s interest to build a brand if you are in business: to get new clients, to market yourself building and boosting your career, to get recognition or to actually build yourself as a personal brand you can capitalize on. Just a few years ago the word influencer didn’t exist in the way we know it today, and definitely not Youtuber. It didn’t exist at all. Today these two professions are a multi-billion-dollar business.

And everyone could do it. It’s true democratization of the possibilities to become...

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