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The Shoemaker's Son Always Goes Barefoot

Allegro 234 has made explicit its 18 years work driven by sustainable transformation and growth

Allegro 234 presents its new corporate identity and website, as a synthesis of an aggressive repositioning of the company which is based on four major changes and focused on ensuring the sustainable transformation and growth of its client’s businesses:

  • Giving simple and deep answers through four areas of solutions:

o Living Brands

o Innovative Cultures

o Impactful Marketing

o Connected Experiences

  • Adding new members to the core team and the best global team to deal with brands with a purpose and conscience

  • Blending expertise on branding, marketing, customer journey and service design among other key practices

  • Implementing the recommendations, demonstrating that Allegro 234 can go side by side with its clients -interim management

These changes are supported by clients' new service demands, where the key is to produce a real benefit through effective solutions, beyond their technical denomination. And this is also true regardless of the size of the client's business.

Additionally, Allegro 234 provides its clients a more business-oriented vision by presenting in a simple way, examples of works it has carried out with companies and institutions such as Cosentino, Green Building Council, Komoneed, Obra del Padre Mario Pantaleo, Osborne, Repsol, Torres Winery, Trasbordo or Zenziya, among others.

Design Changes

The new visual expression of Allegro 234 corporate identity is based on two main ideas:

  • Rigorousness conveyed through an image inherited from the Bauhaus

  • Creativity and dynamism through stylised typography and signs associated with musicality

The new website is C-Suite oriented and was designed as different layers of detail that, on the one hand, are increasingly deeper in content and, on the other hand, allow other audiences to better understand the type of services and approach offered by Allegro 234.

About Allegro 234

We catalyse conscious business growth through people, brands, and experiences.

We make your company worth admiring, creating value, improving results, and generating a positive social and environmental impact.

We create, drive, and transform your brand so that it is ahead socially and digitally.

We develop strategies that provide creative solutions, designs that can be integrated into your business and interim hands-on implementations.

Our solutions are focused on delivering:

  • Living Brands: The brand as a strategic platform synthesizes its institutional purpose, business legacy and aspirations.

  • Innovative Culture: The path for meaningful and transforming experiences is based on business consciousness and co-creativeness.

  • Impactful Marketing: To catalyse growth, information and technology must be subsidiary to an engaging experience that is fresh, positive, meaningful and valuable.

  • Connected Experiences: In our digitalised world, our purpose-driven and experience-based approach gives context and a human touch and drives growth.

Since its foundation in 2003, we have been working with companies such as AEBrand, Bodegas Torres, Casa del Libro, Codorníu, Cosentino, Green Building Council, Grupo Lar, Impact Hub, Komoneed, Medinge Group, Osborne, Repsol, Trasbordo, Uralita, Uriach and Zenziya among others.

Also, Allegro 234 is part of The Flow Collective, a diverse group of highly experienced, blue-chip brand and strategy thinkers and doers, passionate believers in brands with purpose and conscience.

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