Behind Every Good Business Lies a Good Brand

Updated: Feb 27, 2019

Any business has its own brand, whether it is part of its strategy or not. This paper intends to analyze why branding should be a part of any business entrepreneurship.

By Carlos Puig

Carlos Puig is the CEO of Braward. He is a well-established professional in creation of business value through brands, entrenched by 25 years of experience and a great global vision.

We live in the age of Google, the net is the one who defines what things, brands and people are. This reality leads to a new way of living our lives or facing any kind of professional challenge. But in order to reach the top, there are no possible shortcuts, it is not easy, and it requires a method and perseverance.

Entrepreneurs have a comparative advantage: they are driven by passion and enthusiasm without the erosion of a challenge fixed by a new business model. However, only one in every twelve entrepreneurship manages to make it through and become a sustainable and profitable business. The main reason for this is that they thrive in high-risk environments and they cannot stick to traditional development models, which are more stable, although slower. If their business model is appropriate, that they have correctly balanced the variables of good product, contrasting demand, production/service control and the right funding, there is still one more variable they will never be able to dodge: brand.

Any Business Has A Brand

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