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Founders Inspiring Founders: Jamey Boiter

“Loving my career choice to be a designer and being passionate about my craft was self-fulfilling to my journey. I’m certain I wanted to take the road less travelled.”


Jamey Boiter, Principal and CEO of BOLTGROUP

Photo by Chris Cureton/BOLTGROUP

What inspired you to embark on the entrepreneurship journey and become a founder?


I worked my way through design school selling men’s suits at retail. I turned down a career in men’s fashion, choosing instead to intern for a product manufacturer in the creative services department the summer before my last semester. The company offered me a job before the summer was over as Assistant Manager of Creative Services. My main responsibilities were to work on the brand, sales materials, all retail packaging, and prep for trade shows. Within 9 months, I knew that the corporate road map was not for me, but I could help corporations with their brand. This began my journey toward opening my own design studio (which I did) or finding one I could grow with (which I also did).


Reflecting on your journey, what has been the biggest challenge and how did you overcome it?


When you first start out, you are everything: researcher, strategist, designer, draftsman, producer, promoter. But you’re also account manager, project manager, business development executive, scope writer, estimator, administrator, AP, AR, HR, and toilet bowl cleaner. As the firm grows, you must give things up, and often it’s the things you enjoy doing the most. Giving up being the design lead and then strategy lead was hard to do, but it was in the best interest of the firm to grow, constantly looking to replace yourself with new talent. Transitioning to a state of working on the business instead of in the business was one of the biggest challenges for me, but also came with the biggest rewards. Understanding that you’re providing a pathway as coach and mentor for others in your organization to follow has become one of the highlights of my career.


Could you share one or two key pieces of advice you'd give to aspiring entrepreneurs aiming to become successful founders?


The phrase “fail fast and fail often” is a truism as an entrepreneur. Embrace failure as a learning opportunity. It’s a natural part of growing a business. And be passionate about what you do. Your passion will often be what drives you to overcome obstacles and setbacks, leading to eventual success. Stay with it.


In your opinion, what makes a founder a successful founder?


As I mentioned above, surrounding yourself with people who are better than you, and who can eventually take your place. And then trusting them. Building a successful business is a team sport. But a team is not a group of individuals who work toward a common goal. A team is a group of individuals who trust one another, implicitly. The team will rise and fall together, moving as one. But without trust, there is no team. Never stop learning and growing. Be a student of the human condition. Stay curious and empathetic. Keep an open mind. Embrace change. Keep reminding yourself why you chose this path. Be a servant leader to your team and to your clients. And most importantly, find joy in the journey.

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