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I AM A BRAND: Tips and suggestions for a powerful personal brand - Vol.1

If you are reading this you are in that special moment in life when your aspirations have grown big and you want to get ready for the jump. Well, congratulations. You are ready to enter the wonderful world of strategic personal branding.


By Giuseppe Cavallo, Founder at Voxpopuli Labs


I have used the three words for a reason.

First, if you want to be serious about your professional life you need to take a strategic approach to it. It’s something that starts with setting goals that will take you from where you are today to where you want to be... and beyond.

Secondly, the fundamental difference between a corporate and your personal brand lays in that yours is about you in two different ways. While it has to offer a clear and desireable representation of your value proposition, it also has to serve your path to a meaningful and satisfactory life. The Indian guru Paramahansa Yogananda said that success is measured with happiness.

Your personal brand should positively impact that beautiful metric.

Thirdly, like in the corporate world, your brand is all about the relationship that you as a professional will establish with the context and your public at large. So it has to evoque meanings and associations that your public considers as relevant and inspirational.

So, let me propose an exercise to start thinking strategically about your personal brand. Ask yourself these questions:

1. What are my key desires in life?

2. How can my professional life help achieve what I desire in my life

3. What should I change in my professional life to shorten the distance between where I am now in my life and where I want to be

If you answer the three questions sincerely and with accurate profundity, you will be able to draw your strategic personal brand objectives. That’s the first step to a brand that is successful according to Yogananda’s metric.

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I am a brand vol 1
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