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The 3 M’s to Building Sticky AF Brands

Don’t just take our word, he wrote the book on it

Have you ever come across that one idea, product, or solution that seems to stick with you through the day or even days?

Sometimes it could be a conversation with someone and they say something that just sticks.

Other times you may see a piece of design or creativity that almost seems to haunt you in the most positive ways. It’s imprinted in your mind. It’s sticky.

This is exactly what we’re talking about today with Jeremey Miller, Author of Sticky Branding and Founder of Sticky Branding Agency.

What did we talk about?

✖︎ The entrepreneurial journey Jeremy went on from family business to best-selling author

✖︎ The secrets to what makes a great brand name

✖︎ The biggest mistakes brands are making today and how instilling a 3 M approach can alleviate these costly mistakes

Cheers to a great week, Branders, and thanks for all the support.

If you missed out on last week’s Friday Live, you missed a great chat with Bill Kenney talking about the 5 ways to tell if your organization needs a rebrand. Take a listen HERE.

Happy listening!

✌️ Steven & The Branders Magazine crew

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