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The Real Principles of Branding

Ciao Friends,

Tom Asacker is on another level. Besides being a trusted advisor to some of the worlds biggest and most successful brands, he’s also on a personal journey to help humans understand the role beliefs play in shaping our world.

Sounds right up my alley.

So when I had the chance to sit down and speak with Tom, not only did we instantly hit off because we share so many of the same beliefs, but I was instantly intrigued by his story how he has not only perceived as an in-demand creative brand consultant, but how he has always followed his heart to work on projects with a sense of purpose.

What did we talk about?

✖︎ How beliefs shape consumers and the brands leverage those beliefs to market

✖︎ The role philosophy plays in shaping brands and consumers

✖︎ His latest podcast where he’s speaking with some of the greatest minds of history who have lived before us

Cheers to a great week, Branders, and thanks for all the support.

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Happy listening!

✌️ Steven & The Branders Magazine crew

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