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A tiny weapon of mass disruption

bitts™ is David to Oral Care’s Goliaths -- Brand is their slingshot. A Bold Vision for a Better Solution to a Big Problem.

Oral care hasn’t changed for way too long, according to Bernardino Reynoso and his partner Steven Berlin. Bernardino, a former executive at a global oral care brand grew tired of promoting products that are out of reach to 3 billion people and damaging our planet too. This is their motivation for bitts™: protect our two most precious natural resources, water and smiles.

bitts™ oral tablets are zero water, zero waste, hassle-free, fully digestible, and made from natural ingredients, for anyone, anywhere, anytime.

The requirement for water to brush, rinse and spit means nearly 40% of people are unable to access oral care -- despite being essential to overall health. Even worse, in the United States, 1 billion toothbrushes are thrown away every year. Add to that the impact of toothpaste tubes, extra packaging -- and nasty, toxic chemicals that cannot be swallowed, and instead spit back into our water supply -- and it is easy to see why Reynoso and Berlin are so committed to disrupting the Oral Care industry.

“We have an obligation -- to ourselves, our children and future generations, to do something, anything,” says Reynoso, bitts™ visionary founder. “Big brands are not the ones to usher in those long-overdue changes -- as they will disrupt themselves out of business,” adds Berlin.

“We are David to their Goliath,” says Reynoso, “and brand is our slingshot,” Berlin adds.

What does that actually mean? bitts™ have a patent-pending design and formulation, but a better product doesn’t guarantee success.

By Bernardino Reynoso

Founder & CEO at Bitts. From growing up in poverty in the Philippines cleaning his teeth with a stick -- and went on to become the Global Head of Design and Packaging for the Oral Care category at Colgate.

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