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After two decades, Pepsi presents their new tagline 'That’s What I Like'

The new tagline is based on hundreds of insights from Pepsi consumers after talking with them. A key insight in creating the tagline was North America's growing Hispanic populace.

“Pepsi drinkers are really distinct from other cola drinkers – they’re some of the most passionate and loyal people out there,” said Todd Kaplan, vice-president of marketing for Pepsi. “Not just their love of Pepsi, they’re a little bit extra. Pepsi drinkers are comfortable in their own skin, they really enjoy their life unapologetically without worrying what other people think.”

“The growing Hispanic consumer in this country is a critical consumer. When you look at the core consumer group, within that target is the ‘fusionista’ group – bi-cultural Hispanics, they live this 200% lifestyle, fully maintaining their Spanish heritage while also embracing American culture, which means they celebrate fully their two cultures, which means they’re fully immersed in English language and Spanish language programming across the board. They’re a critical audience for us because they’re the next generation of Americans who are tapped into the next big thing,” said Kaplan.

Other iconic taglines Pepsi used in the past were ‘The Choice of the New Generation’ and ‘The Joy of Cola.’

With no doubt, Pepsi is starting the new year looking to create better connection with their audience.

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