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Amanda Jackson: Inspiring women in brand design

Amanda Jackson is the founder of Jackdaw Design, an independent creative agency in London.

How do you empower your team to do their best work?

At Jackdaw Design, we’re passionate about adopting a collaborative approach to leading and empowering our workforce. The market demands innovation at such a rapid rate, that endless ideas are needed to be able to compete. This plethora of ideas should not originate from a leader, but from everybody involved. So as the head of the company, I make sure my team has a clear brief and some good starting points, but then its their prerogative to come up with the best and brightest ideas and develop them. Allowing my team to have space and creative freedom helps them to feel more connected to their work, and often they will return unimaginable results… that astound me!

Saying “thank you” for work well done also makes it more likely that a person will be motivated in the future (and perhaps do even better next time). Early in my career I found encouragement from my seniors extremely beneficial. The knowledge that I’d done a great job really helped me to grow and build my confidence as a designer, so I adopt this policy of appreciation and recognition in my business today. I really feel that it’s perhaps the simplest way to empower others.

What woman inspires you and why?

My greatest inspiration would definitely be Heidi Lightfoot, co-founder of design studio Together Design. We met at an industry event via the DBA (Design Business Association) and she has helped and inspired me ever since. Heidi set up her own design studio in 2003 with business-partner Katja Thielen and some of their clients include Fortnum & Mason, Liz Earle and Roald Dahl. In the initial phase of setting up my business, Heidi’s advice and guidance gave me a starting point from which to carve out my own path. I think she’s built an incredible business and her entire team is top notch.

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