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Amazon becomes world’s most valuable brand

Updated: Sep 1, 2020

It was not a surprise, but it was not inevitable. Amazon this year surpassed Apple and Google to reach the No. 1 rank in the BrandZ™ Top 100 Most Valuable Global Brands. With a 52 percent year-on-year increase, Amazon achieved a brand value of $315.5 billion.

Amazon rose to the No. 1 rank in the BrandZ™ Global Top 100, surpassing Google and ending a Google-Apple duopoly that began in 2007, when Google surpassed Microsoft to capture the No. 1 rank.

The leaders of this top 100 of BrandZ are technological companies, since the first global classification of the value of the brand in 2006, at that time, it was Microsoft who obtained the first place and last year increased its value by 52 percent .

Facebook remained in place number 6 and for the first time, Alibaba surpassed Tencent, positioning itself as the most valuable Chinese brand.

Instagram is the social network with more than one billion users around the world.

The following is the top 25 of the most valuable brands


Source: BrandZ™ Global Top 100

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