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Axe sets a trend with “Fresko”

Updated: Feb 20, 2020

How Axe got to generate a desired branded content, sought and super valued by the audience?

Marketing with influencers has now become one of the preferred means for brands to reach segmented audiences that fit their values.

Influencer marketing consolidated in 2019 as an industry of 8 billion dollars, with a projection of 15 billion dollars for 2022 according to Business Insider magazine.

When we talk about the connection between “influencers” and brands, we know that it is vital to have the most accurate profiling of the influencers that will be used to ensure that these brand values are present in the way that the selected influencers interact with their audience. This is what we call “brand safety”.

In the past 12 months, numerous new tech influencer marketing platforms have entered the market, allowing a faster search and profiling of the right influencers for each campaign.

But beyond the appropriate search and profiling technology, and before proposing a strategy to a client I make myself this same question…

“What makes a campaign with influencers become a cultural, memorable event that provokes conversation and an exponential viralization?

Personally I have produced countless spots and international campaigns in the last 20 years of my career and, having founded Orishinal barely 3 years ago, and after producing 200+ influencer marketing campaigns, I confirm that I have reached that “golden number”, that divine proportion where I have always wanted to arrive: to achieve a campaign with contents that are sought and preferred by the audience, and where the “brand” is part of the “entertainment” and the brand is visualized as something positive, entertaining, valuable and not as something that interrupts the enjoyment of a cultural product, whatever it may be.


By Silvana Frenquel

COO. Country manager Spain at ORISHINAL, the most advanced branded content agency with focus on influencers in Latam.

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