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Brand Innovation

The age of disruptive brands. Purpose, Agile Strategies, and Radical Differentiation.

Since 1998 I have been studying, writing and giving lectures on Branding and related subjects. In 2002 I launched one of the first postgraduate Branding courses in the world and, as always, I was catching up with the most contemporary in the segment. By making several updates to this educational project, in 2015 I transformed the old Branding - Brand Management into the New Branding Innovation MBA.

But why Branding Innovation? Well, it's already common sense that innovation is a wholly tied attribute to successful brands in this crowded market of players from all segments. Today's brands need to scream louder and do more to get the attention of their strategic audiences, and innovation is the only way for brands to do that.

But how to get public attention without screaming? Being really different, being innovative, being disruptive.

What is important in the disruptive model is that...

By Antonio Roberto

CBO of Managic Office, a Brazilian consulting firm that has been conducting brand projects for more than 30 years.

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