Branding: Building up Value to Start a Business

Updated: Feb 27, 2019

There is a myth about Branding: It is only for companies and big brands. Nothing could be further from the truth: Quality is not a matter of size.

By Marcelo Ghio

Branding and Strategic Communication Management Adviser. Director of OXB Branding (Madrid / Buenos Aires). Strategy Director, and Content Director of Experimenta, a Spanish publishing house (Madrid). Creator of Oxitobrands, and author of “Oxytobrands: Human Brands for an Emotional Market”

Different tools have been used to strategically manage brands, from “corporate image” to “emotional branding”, all essential assets for companies. However, the success or failure of a new business (commercial, cultural or social) is not only the result of the quality of its products or services, but also of the quality of the communication applied to position the business in the market.

First of all, it is important to understand that the brand is the promise of a unique experience. And the values build the relationship between a company and its public in order to create awareness and loyalty, transmitting, through different channels, its identity, mission, culture and style. Branding is the strategic management of the intangible: the brand.

The brand is the DNA, a kind of genetic code that can be found everywhere, building an imaginary that contains the minds and hearts of the people in touch with the brand.

Brand management is defined by communication efficiency and the relationship built with people. But it is not all. There are many other factors that determine whether the brand strategy will reach the objectives or not, because if the promise is not kept, the product/service is not good, value for money is not optimal, distribution channels are not efficient, or the offer is not attractive ¬—just to mention a few aspects—, the strategic brand management will not be successful.

That’s why I propose here some key points to build up a brand and start a business with the right foot:

To Begin with Questions

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