Branding in the Machine Learning age

Updated: Jun 7, 2019

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning have dominated headlines during last years, disrupting the way that we are doing Marketing, from Media, Advertising and Branding.

By Miguel A. Trabado

Digital Transformation Trainer and Consultant at | Digital Marketing Senior Consultant at Mind The Gap | Lecturer at ESADE, ESERP, EUNCET and INESDI. Speaker at IESE.

Google and Microsoft, have realigned their groups around Machine Learning research and tools, applying AI to all products and services.

Artificial Intelligence was originally conceived in 1950, and we have seen examples of AI popping up culturally over the years.

From IBM’s Deep Blue victory over a chess grandmaster in 1996 to 2011 and IBM’s Watson dominating jeopardy competition on day 2. In 2016, Google’s Alpha Go algorithm beat the world’s best player in GO.

Every week, we see new examples of AI “learning” new skills from conquering competitive video games to learning how to walk in a virtual component.

Apple, Alibaba, Amazon or Facebook are heavily investing in Machine Learning to enhance their entire ecosystem of products.

Technology is breaking into our daily lives and is transforming the needs of consumers definitively.

The brands, eager to adapt to new technologies to add a differential value to their products and services, must adapt to the incessant changes coming from the TIC world. This type of technology will change even the branding strategy in most companies.

The brand identity will suffer certain variations because in some cases, human contact with customers will be relegated in the background by the phenomenon known as machine learning.

The corporate identity, therefore, should be taken care of much more so that customers do not perceive a cold and un-emotional tone in the responses they receive from bots when communicating with companies.

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