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Dealing with Disruption? Engage Your Team!

Disruption is one of those buzzwords that we are fixating on. And inevitably, whenever the conversation transitions to disruption it gets very big and complicated.

We talk about macro trends like blockchain, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and globalization — intellectual conversations on what will change our businesses and lives next…

These are interesting topics, but they miss the point. Disruption isn’t macro; it’s practical. Here’s how I define it: A disruption is when a person or company finds a better way to do something, and then everyone follows suit.

Uber, for instance, created a better way to hail a cab, and it set new expectations. According to the Taxi & Limousine Commission (TLC), in 2014 ridesharing accounted for 8% of the business travel ground transportation in New York City. By 2018 that was up to 75%!

Uber’s disruption to the taxi industry wasn’t technological, it was behavioral. It provided an easier and more logical way to connect passengers and drivers. (After trying the app, who wants to hang out on the side of the street in the rain trying to hail a cab?).

When a person or company finds a better way to do something it can reshape industry norms and conventions. That’s disruption, and it is nothing new.

Disruption has been a constant since the dawn of time. It started with the invention of the wheel, and humans have continued to evolve and invent ever since. What is new today is the ...

By Jeremy Miller

Founder of Sticky Branding. He is a brand strategist, keynote speaker and bestselling author of Sticky Branding. His newest book, Brand New Name, shows you how to unlock the creative genius of teams to name anything.

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