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Disruption by design

A new generation of disruptive brands are different these are based on good design at all levels.

Disruptive brands change the world we live in and the way we do things. These brands discover the needs of the consumer and make them more accessible, easier and joyful.

The design has applications capable of generating value, from the development of consumer products to the reinvention of physical store formats, from the renewal of experiences of travelers in airports, cruises and hotels to the transformation of hospitals and the generation of groundbreaking products in the financial world.

The world has changed radically and likewise traditional design, technology gives people endless options.

People are looking for holistic designs, memorable experiences and genuine stories from brands.

Disruptive brands have different business plans from sharing economy or technology-based, have different products from industrial products to services and experiences, different channels such as DTC (direct to consumer) to reach consumers but what they have in common is that they all make great products and memorable experiences with great branding and excellent communication at all levels. Design is fundamental in disruptive brands...

By David Freyre

Founding partner of ImasD prospective, strategy and design for brands that adapt to change.

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