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Aris Katsigiannis is a freelance Photographer and Filmmaker based in Athens, Greece. His work includes travel photography and Filmmaking but also Corporate Filmmaking. He has cooperated with many popular brands such as Hewlett-Packard (HP), Switzerland Tourism, Huawei, Swiss airlines, MINI by BMW, Wella and Fix Hellas. Taking into account the current COVID-19 situation we are working on a project to motivate people worldwide to stay positive throughout this chaos.

"This project’s main goal is to share the universal message that our dreams can’t be quarantined and that people should not forget their dreams but they should just postpone them for later. Aris has made a motivational video that mediates this very important message. In this video we do not only share our story through our point of view (Greece’s point of view) but we also give voice to people worldwide that are dealing with this crisis. We believe that this is exactly what people need during these difficult times we are going through. We all just need some motivation and positivity. Therefore, we firmly believe that you could use our content as a very catchy story. Our goal is to make this video go viral. Therefore, global promotion is something we are aiming at. We thought that this story might be of interest to you since your media outlet mediates mostly innovative and creative stories."

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