High Quality Ingredients: The creative evolution of breakfast & lifestyle brand, Qnola

Updated: Apr 7, 2021

Conversation with Qnola founder, Danielle Copperman & Tom Maurice, owner and creative director at Sunhouse | Interview by Aimee Rivers

With its empowering #wakeupwell ethos, Qnola taps into the mindfulness movement with a range of quinoa-based granolas. Beyond deliciously pure sustenance, it is a brand that supports the overall wellbeing of its consumers with a knowledge-share approach in which simplicity, positivity and purpose are paramount.

As Qnola looked to expand its horizons from a nutritional niche brand to a mainstream breakfast challenger, its founder, model turned wellness writer and entrepreneur Danielle Copperman, needed a creative partner that understood her aspirations, shared her values, and, most importantly, listened. She found her fit with Sunhouse, a positively different design agency based in her hometown of Bath.

With a collaboration built on a foundation of comfortable chats over cups of tea, Qnola transformed its look from artisanal chic to one of vibrant radiance. I recently zoomed in for my own comfortable chat with Danielle and Tom Maurice of Sunhouse to discuss the brand’s dramatic transformation.

Danielle, there’s no way of talking about Qnola without talking about your personal journey from model to wellness writer to entrepreneur. Can you share this unique story?