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Human Centered Brands

Why brand managers need to change their mindset and stop thinking that they own the brands.

We are approaching the twenties of the 21st century and the market is more competitive than ever. The amount of information generated in the world exceeds 100 billion gigabytes per day. That means one hundred times more information than the generated in one thousand eight hundred eighty-nine years, from 104 AD, with the birth of the paper until 1993 with the invention of the internet. Adding to that, there is also the new players, new markets, new technologies, Artificial Intelligence, Millennials, Gen Z, and the Alpha generation that is booming…

This can be an issue for managers of any type of business, but also a world of opportunities for those who want to stand out in such a competitive scenario.

In order for companies to adjust to this scenario, they have to change, radically, to adapt to these demands and paradigms. However, many managers are still mistaken in their actions towards brands, believing that they can be controlled by them, or even that they can own them. Those who act this way are doubly deceived.

Marty Neumeier states in his book The Brand Gap that...

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By Antonio Roberto

CBO of Managic Office, a Brazilian consulting firm that has been conducting brand projects for more than 30 years. Managic uses Agile Branding, a proprietary methodology that combines integral thinking and human-centered design to create and revitalize brands.

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