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I saw Packaging Future and its Name is Augmented Reality

Finding ways for packaging to provide consumers with both a physical and digital experience can result in very beneficial opportunities for brands.

Hernán Braberman, Partner and Executive Design Director of tridimage, a Latin American agency that future-proofs CPG brands through AR, structural and graphic packaging design.

Buenos Aires, February 15th, 2029. Cynthia rushes into the supermarket during a hot summer night. Guests arrive at her house in thirty minutes. Fortunately, choosing a wine for the occasion has never been easier. The augmented reality (AR) interface of her smart glasses showcase on the shelf the three ideal options according to the tastes of her friends. As soon as she stares at a label of Malbec, an experience unfolds plunging her into a glorious sunset in front of the Andes mountain range. A simple touch on her intelligent bracelet confirms the purchase. Suddenly a geolocalized reminder pops up: “don’t forget the juice for the children”. Assisted by the virtual store navigation she finds in a fraction of a second the juice section.

Sofia smiles. The package of her children’s favorite juice brand informs her that the new season has been published. She already imagines the happiness of Alex and Maia. Tomorrow they will share the new AR games during breakfast before leaving to the office.

Fun, adventures, instructions, knowledge, recipes, immersion. Augmented experiences are now available to everyone. How can we take advantage of this opportunity for brands? How can we delight and surprise consumers with packaging design in new ways that were not possible before?

Over the past 30 years, we have embarked on a journey that has simplified the way in which...

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