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LISTEN UP! Sonic Branding is Sound Business

Building, learning, and leading the way to a successful global sonic branding firm. Taking risks, pushing the boundaries, and turning mistakes into mission accomplished!

Audrey Arbeeny working in NBC Olympics Music Room

The whole world is talking about Sonic Branding -- this new “must-have.” Everyone wants intentional, unique audio assets to enhance their emerging technologies and customer-driven experiences. That it took so long to capture the spotlight is surprising to me, as I have been creating sonic branding for 25 years. I started Audiobrain in 2003; it’s 100% female-owned, and our clients include Whirlpool, Google, Logitech, Vanguard, and many more. We have been called the “gold standard” of sonic branding.

When I hear our sound logo for the Xbox 360, or the branded sounds for Toshiba’s self-checkout while shopping, it still gives me chills. Hearing our music and sounds that millions are enjoying is a very rewarding feeling, especially since the road to create this level of audio quality is quite complex. And the road to building a company like Audiobrain, as a woman in a male-dominated industry, was filled with many twists, turns, mistakes, and some fortunate guides along the way. This didn’t happen overnight, and it was a rough road.

But today’s women are leading companies, building technologies, and mentoring. We are supportive, principled, and disciplined, and we know that our strength in numbers is stronger than any barrier. I recently spoke on a voice panel and met a rising star who referred to me as ”the OG of Sonic Branding.” I am excited to see a new generation of women seeking mentoring and friendships, as well as my stories. This is a far different world than mine was.



Founder/CEO of Audiobrain, a global leader in sonic branding. Music Supervisor for nine NBC Olympic Broadcasts and earned two Emmy awards. Audiobrain’s sounds are heard every day worldwide.

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