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Marketing Analytics Summit

Where digital analysts, marketing technologists and growth architects master marketing data to create an impact!

Founded on the premise of mutual respect and support, the Marketing Analytics Summit started in 2002, back when the Internet and web analytics were new. We recognized the need to help each other invent an industry, so we (the audience) created the Digital Analytics Association, now 5,000 strong. Marketing has changed since the days of Mix Modeling and Market Research. The digital world gave us new, dynamic data sets, and new tools to measure and optimize marketing efforts. Now, as we enter the world of Machine Learning, the spirit of mutual assistance and encouragement remains the core principle of this event.

Come to learn. Come to help. Come to stay ahead of the pack.

This vendor-neutral environment is focused on the latest techniques, technologies and trends, clarifying how digital analytics, customer insight, and machine learning are at work in marketing. Join our community predicated on helping one another succeed.

Be part of something special!

Lessons from ExpertsHow-To GuidesMentorship InteractionsProblem-Solving Sessions

· Lasting Professional Relationships

· A handful of exhilarating keynotes

· An exhibit hall full of tools and services

· A series of breakouts where business strategy meets data

· A mix of workshops of deep-dives by experts

· Significant Learning

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