How to Use Social Media to Survive a Brand Crisis

Brand Crisis is a more common situation for companies since Social Media got to our lives. Some companies think that Social Media create Brand Crisis, but from my point of view is not true.

By Juan Merodio

Blogger, Speaker & International Advisor in Marketing, Innovation, Management & Digital Transformation

What is happening is the user has the power of knowledge and the power of spreading information fast and easily using social networks, so companies which are not transparent with users, will suffer the cost of a Brand Crisis in the present and in the future.

But sometimes the crisis is not based on real information because a lot of fake news can appear on the Internet. At this point the Company has to prevent this situation and manage it using social listening tools to prevent and minimize the impact of misinformation.

Pay attention to these figures from a research study made by Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer: “28% of crisis spread internationally within...

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