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Story: an ancient medium for modern times

During workshop warm-ups, we’re often asked to tell two truths and a lie. My favorite truth that sounds like a lie is that when my children were young, our house and garden were on the site of a Roman temple to the goddess Diana. While digging in our vegetable garden we’d occasionally unearth artifacts which we handed over to the local museum.

Diana is the goddess of hunting, animals and woodlands, and for a while, our garden became the home of a family of owls. At dusk, we’d watch the baby owls dancing on the grass as they learned from their parents how to catch insects. At the same time, my children were growing up on that lawn, playing with their friends, climbing dangerously high in the cherry tree and learning not to fall. One summer, as the children grew older, the owls came back as sullen teenagers and lurked en masse in a single tree. We never saw them dance again.

(The lie I tell is that I have a secret tattoo. Everybody guesses that. I am not a good liar.)

Everyone is a communicator

In the digital economy, every company is a tech company and everyone is a communicator. As users of social media in our private lives, we all know...

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By Charlotte Otter

VP, Head of Executive and Employee Communications, SAP SE. Senior communications leader at SAP SE, Europe’s largest technology company. Also a novelist, she provides communications counsel, reputation management and crisis communications guidance for executives.

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