The Almighty Tagline

Updated: Mar 2, 2020

“A Brand’s Instant Message.”

Long before the Internet, Social Media, YouTube and today’s heralded “Influencers”, there was the incredibly simple and very effective branding tool, the humble “Tagline”. Sadly this extremely disarmingly effective branding tool, or “Holy Grail of Branding”, has virtually disappeared from advertising, marketing and yes, branding. Whenever I see a brand name without a tagline it appears to be “naked”, standing there all alone. A brand without a tagline is like a ship without a rudder. As a former award-winning “Mad Man” Creative Director featured in three books of memorable advertising, I’ve dedicated myself to convincing brand managers and influencers to consider bringing back “The Almighty Tagline”. I’ve even created a new definition of a what I believe a tagline represents: “A Brand’s Instant Message”. You might say I’ve become a “Tagline Evangelist”. When effectively created, a memorable tagline that effectively captures a key benefit and sets it apart from other brands is unequivocally priceless. It has the potential to become a brand’s most effective marketing tool.

A great tagline is never forgotten. A brand’s very catchy, memorable tagline can be even more effective than anything Influencers bring to a brand. Once established a memorable tagline is perpetually married to a brand. When you remember a tagline, you remember the brand. When you’ve successfully created a memorable tagline for your brand, not only will your brand’s success, sales and awareness soar, so will your aspiring branding career.

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By Richard Levy

Former award-winning “Mad Man” Creative Director, Brander and now inventor of revolutionary new products

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