The Bold New Look of Carmex Cold Sore

Carmex Multi-Symptom Cold Sore is now available at major retailers including

Walgreens and Walmart.

The Goldstein Group (TGG), a brand identity and package design firm, undertook the brand redesign and completely reimagined the brand’s look.

Terri Goldstein, Founder and CEO of The Goldstein Group, said “We’ve worked with Carma Labs on other high-profile projects, but this time around we knew the design had to be as revolutionary as the formula.”

“Every part of the new product design, down to the exact colors, was completely thought out,” Claudia Arisso, Creative Director of The Goldstein Group said.

“The design feels new, strong and medicinal yet instantly recognizable as Carmex.”

Uniquely formulated to treat multiple cold sore symptoms and uniquely designed to stand out from the competition, Carmex Multi-Symptom Cold Sore Treatment is out now.

For questions please contact Terri Goldstein at or Josh Perkins at

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