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The Conscious' Brand Roadmap

In this world of immediacy, conscious brands are not created by magic.

“Pokeball Model” | From Purpose to Promise

For several reasons, among them fad, eccentricity, snobbery and corporate narcissism, we are suffering a plague of new concepts trying to explain what we already knew, but naming them differently, adding new layers of unnecessary definitions and provoking a real mess where people lose their time looking for agreements in thing they’ve already agreed.

Among those ideas, we hear that it's essential for companies having a "brand purpose", especially in "times of disruptions". It could be understood that defining "whatever for good" in a heartbeat is a "must have" for businesses today.

Hence, on the one hand, the first thing we will need to understand -perhaps accept, is that the brand, out of any symbolic consideration, historically is a business platform which synthesizes company’s legacy and ambitions. On the other hand, the purpose is a company concept, not a branding one.

The success is not based on a “new brand purpose” but in the alignment of the company explicit purpose and the brand promise through its business mission and vision –strategic objectives at the highest level of abstraction. To be clear at this point...

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By Cristián Saracco

Founding Partner, Allegro 234. President, AEBrand –Branding Association of Spain. Member, Medinge Group. Member Editorial Committee, Branders Magazine. Co-Author Brands with a Conscience (2016), Kogan Page

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