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The Power of Ideas

Packaging is your single most important piece of communication, it’s the brand in the hand… but also in the hearts and minds of consumers.

Simon Pendry is the creative director and founder of Simon Pendry Creative, an award-winning agency with 25+ years experience designing effective global brands & packaging.

I think one of the reasons I love branded packaging design is because of the challenge, which is fundamentally at the center of every brief, to visually distill and crystallize the brand into a decorated product that fits into the palm of your hand. This brand not only needs to look attractive and seduce the consumer, appealing to their heart but also needs to appeal to them on a more rational level convincing their more logical mind… will this brand taste great?…will this brand be effective?…will this brand get rid of my headache quickly?…and so on.

So for the packaging to be truly effective, it has to appeal to both the heart and the mind, and in truth, these two things are inextricably linked. We essentially view packaging with a thinking heart and a feeling brain. When we appeal to both we hit the sweet spot, and only then have we created something truly engaging and effective that will appeal to the consumer, and also create real commercial results for...

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