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The power of unique differentiators

Why are you different? For brands to be relevant they need to innovate and create experiences customers crave. These not only need to be good. They need to be different.

In my book, Storyategy, I define a “brand” as “the meaning people attach to you and your offer”. The “management of meaning” (or “branding”), in my view, should be a key leadership consideration. How do organisations create value, identity, feelings and experiences which enable audiences to attach the right meaning to them? If you can create these desirable things and customers can only get from you and nowhere else, your brand will thrive. Branding is not just what you say. It’s what you do.

The pinnacle of brand strategy is to help companies create genuine ‘unique differentiators’ in their offering which becomes a ‘must have’ for their target audience. A brand which commands a unique differentiator in the hearts and minds of their customers renders competitors irrelevant. Once experienced, consumers will not consider any other alternative which does not have the desired differentiator. They really must have it. Nothing else will do.

Why create ‘Unique Differentiators’?

1. Less competition. They make competitors irrelevant (or at least less relevant). When we talk about bringing radical innovation to market designed for a specific audience a brand

By Matt Davies

Brand Strategy Consultant. UK Top 50 advisor. Writer. Speaker. Creative. 'Storyategy' author. Certified Brand Specialist

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