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Will your Rebrand be Evolutionary or Revolutionary?

Companies, big and small, are rebranding at an unprecedented frequency fueled by an increased understanding of the revenue-generating potential of powerful brands.

Change management has now pivoted from the business consultancy to the brand consultancy to reshape customer experience, energize the culture, and achieve remarkable results.

Every branding initiative needs to articulate, “What is the business imperative for the change? What does success look like? Are we ready to invest our time and capital? Do we have clear goals and a disciplined process roadmap? Does our rebrand need to be evolutionary or revolutionary?”

Often, management’s readiness for change is not considered. As Justin Wartell, Managing Director, Monigle, suggests, “Clients should know the tolerance for change among key decision-makers before leaping into a rebranding effort. Brand change can often be handcuffed once it’s underway by a group of leaders with different views around how much change should be tolerated.”

What is the difference between evolutionary and revolutionary rebranding?

By Alina Wheeler

Author of Designing Brand Identity: an essential guide for the whole branding team, now in its fifth edition.

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