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Reimagining the Beauty in the Creative Process

With limitless type foundries, color generators, and now AI logo makers, the industry has hit a point where craftsmanship is intersecting with exhilarating digital tools. For many, it is an exciting time but also equally overwhelming—one full of limitless possibilities and a reality that sees no bounds. 


By Josh Roush, Co-Founder, Creative, & CEO of Movetic an award-winning brand consultancy in Sunny, San Diego.

Reimagining the Beauty in the Creative Process

But instead of seeing or wondering about the final creative output, I wanted to write a piece that looks at the process because, digital or not, that is the one constant that keeps work moving. 

So, it begs the question: How does one get through the creative process when creating groundbreaking ideas? 


Amidst the ebb and flow, I find my chair, Erasing, deleting, creating work in and out of despair. Through this and that, I sit and stare,I start, stop, and go up and down with minutes to spare. 

Venturing out for walks, escaping the walls, A dance with freedom, as exhilaration calls. I search, I listen, and I try new things. Constantly reminded that life’s full of unpredictable swings.

But in the rhythm of days, I do find my way, Weaving through challenges that come what may. Through twists and turns, I navigate the scheme, A glimpse of hope, chasing the perpetual dream. 

But, thankfully, it was all worth the stress.  Welcome to my Beautiful Creative Process. 

Throughout my career, I am constantly reminded of the beautiful creative process. It’s the special journey one vulnerably endures to push work to new heights – so instead of diving into trends, I want to inspire you never to give up and keep going for that next big idea.

So, here are my 10 Commandments of Never Giving Up: 

1. Progress over perfection

2. Follow your gut 

3. Pencil over keyboard 

4. Risk it, Risk it, Risk it 

5. Try a lot of different things 

6. Constantly remind yourself of your own why 

7. S**T is hard, but that’s how it should be 

8. Seek inspiration in new places

9. You will fail, but you will get back up 

10. Be You & Do You 

As I leave you, hopefully, excited and eager to try new things, I hope you remember the one thing that matters the most. The real beauty that exists is the time you are willing to put into your creative process. 

So, AI or not, the real beauty of creative work will always be within – go for it all.  

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