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Bitcoin as opportunity for brands

Blockchain and digital marketing make a very good combination to boost business branding.

Blockchain is the technology behind cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, and it is marking the beginning of an excellent technology that can be applied to different sectors, including digital marketing and advertising.

I’m going to tell you why blockchain is going to solve many of the problems we have today in digital marketing and will improve how we can impact our customers.

I’m sure you’re sick of receiving digital advertising and communications that don’t interest you at all and that are not segmented. This problem applies from the company’s side, when from marketing we want to impact the right customer and we often find that we depend on third parties such as Google or Facebook, which do not make a good management of the positioning of our actions and therefore we are impacting users who are not going to buy from us.

The installation of adblocker programs on computers is a growing reality every day in more computers and especially among younger people who do not want to see advertising that does not interest them, in fact some time ago was launched the Brave browser which has by default installed an AdBlocking system that allows you to navigate without intrusive advertising.

But from marketing adblockers are obviously not the solution but we must work on creating systems that allow us to make a greater segmentation, in fact if they tell you that they are going to send you only advertising that really interests you at the right time would you care to see it, probably not, so here is the key.

The solution lies in the blockchain, so the browser I was telling you about, Brave, has proposed an online advertising solution based on blockchain, where users will be the ones to choose which media they want to receive advertising from and also be able to prioritize their tastes.

But how does this system work? What they have done in their browser is to block all tags that track users and incorporate a system that benefits web pages based on the visitor’s attention.

I was telling you that a direct relationship is established between the user and the media so the media would pay directly to the user using Ethereum’s blockchain technology, and for this they have created a token in a kind of currency that they have called Basic Attention Token, and that is described with the acronym BAT. In fact if you want to go deeper into this particular topic I leave you this link: https://basicattentiontoken.org/

What they call attention is simply the time spent consuming certain content or certain interactions with parts of the web such as ads. It is important to say that all this navigation is totally private.

Another advantage that cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin are opening up to brands is that they can be used as a means of payment. For this, brands have to find a digital wallet to accept cryptocurrencies, this type of wallet is usually called Wallet and there are many in the market, but it is important to use those that are safe so I’m going to tell you one that currently works well https://www.coinpayments.net/

In summary, Bitcoin has brought us the blockchain technology that added to new players such as the Metaverse or NFT, will open new ways for brands to connect with their audience in a more direct, experiential and different way.


Juan Merodio

Entrepreneur and Digital Marketing expert with more than 20 years of experience. He has been named one of the Best Influencers 2019 and also in 2020 by Forbes magazine.

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