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Rebranding Secrets the Pros Know

Updated: Nov 7, 2023

18 Unicorns, 16 Clients Aquired, and $5.1B Raised

Ciao Friends,

Riddle me this. What’s the 1 activity that can take your brand from bland to grand? From puttering along the highway to being shot up into space?

Some may call it rebranding. Other’s may categorize it as a refresh. Whether it’s evolutionary or revolutionary, the truth is, brands need as much help understanding when it’s time to rebrand as much as they need help in facilitating the rebrand.

Luckily we have experts out there like Bill Kenney who literally wrote the book on rebranding and he’s our next guest to join us in the studio.

What did we talk about?

✖︎ What the not-so secret formula is to launching a great rebrand (hint: it includes the Executive Leadership Team)

✖︎ Rebranding failures and success stories including what Metallica has been able to do this past year

✖︎ How to measure the success of a rebranding initiative

Cheers to a great week, Branders, and thanks for all the support.

If you missed out on last week’s Friday Live, you missed a great chat with Arcui Usoara talking about the 5 secrets to creating a brand strategy that actually works. Watch the shenanigans HERE.

Happy listening!

✌️ Steven & The Branders Magazine crew

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